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Mona (F)>

Mona (female)

Variants:Muadhnait (F) Nora (F) Norma (F) Normanna (F) Normina (F)
Diminutive for:Monika (F) Simona (F)
Masculine form:Norman (M) Tormod (M)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP

1. Irish and English Anglicized form of Muadhnait, from Gaelic "noble".

2. Scottish Gaelic female form of the male name Tormod, from Old Norse "Thor's courage" and hence of it's English equivalent Norman.

3.Scottish diminutive for Simona, the feminine form of Simon.

4. Scandinavian pet name for Monika.

5. Farsi name of a god, used in several Arabic and other eastern countries as a given name.