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This site has been prepared by the What's in a Name Team in association with Akriga, web system suppliers.

The material and system are copyright. No re-publication is allowed without the express permission of the originator or the holders of the Source copyrights.

The data has been gathered from a number of sources, initially from Scottish Forenames by Donald Whyte, FGH, FSG, which was published by Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh.  The copyright for his work remains with Donald Whyte who has given permission for his material to be used as a source for information.  Any errors and omissions are solely the responsibility of the What's in a Name site originators.

Note: Access is free to any user.  The accuracy of the data on this site is NOT guaranteed.  The material is offered as a resource for genealogists to enable them to consider possible variations in name recording when researching their ancestry.  It is the responsibility of the users to check the accuracy and/or usefulness of the information within the context of their own research.

A feedback service is provided at Contact Us to enable users to make suggestions on the usability and content of the site, and to offer alternative views.  While every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy wherever possible, no guarantee is made to incorporate suggestions or variations supplied to the originator.

All inputs will be studied and there will normally be a considered response.  However we make no guarantee that a response will be forthcoming and we reserve the right to curtail any repetitive inputs.  Any abusive messages may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

This page last updated March 2013.

Thanks to Donald Whyte who provided much of the initial information for this site. Copyright: Ray Hennessy 2004-2013  
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