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Thor (M)>

Thor (male)

Variants:Tor (M)
Derivative(s):Thorborg (F) Thorkel (M) Thorstein (M) Thorsteinn (M) Thorwald (M) Torbjörn (M) Torbjørg (F) Torborg (F) Tormailt (M) Tormod (M) Torsten (M) Tova (F) Turid (F)
Derivative of:Pórr (M)
Feminine form:Thora (F) Tora (F)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP

Danish (and English) derivative of Old Norse Pórr, "Thor, god of thunder".

Thor is also a short form of or nick-name for a very large number of Scandinavian names beginning Thor- which were derived from Pórr.  Some examples are given above.  See also Tor.