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Allen (S)>

Allen (surname)

Variants:Alan (S) Allan (S) Allanson (S) Allenson (S) Alleyne (S) Allin (S) Alline (S) Allinson (S) Allis (S) Allison (S) FitzAlan (S) Hallin (S) Hallison (S) Mac Aileáin (S) Mac Ailín (S) McAline (S) McAllan (S) McElane (S) McEllen (S) McKellan (S) McKellen (S) Ó hAilín (S) O'Hallyn (S)
Derivative of:Alan (M) Allen (M)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP

1. English, Scottish and Irish, derived from a spelling variant of the male name Alan, possibly from Breton Gaelic "little rock".

2. Low German, Danish and Swedish, probably derived from the element of Germanic personal names Adal- meaning "noble".