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Alexis (S)>

Alexis (surname)

Variants:Alekhov (S) Alekseev (S) Alekseichik (S) Aleksich (S) Aleksidze (S) Aleshintsev (S) Aleshkov (S) Alesin (S) Aloshechkin (S) Aloshikin (S) Aloshkin (S) Alyokhin (S) Alyoshin (S) Alyukin (S) Alyushin (S) Alyutin (S) D'Alesio (S) D'Alessio (S) Leksin (S) Lyakin (S) Lyakishev (S) Lyalikov (S) Lyalin (S) Lyalkin (S) Lyalyakin (S) Lyashev (S) Lyashutin (S) Lyokhin (S) Lyoshin (S) Lyosik (S) Olczak (S) Olczyk (S) Olechnowicz (S) Olechowicz (S) Olekhov (S) Oleksiak (S) OleksiƄski (S) Oleshunin (S) Oleszczak (S) Oleszczuk (S) Oleszkiewicz (S) Olkowicz (S) Olyoshin (S) Olyoshkin (S) Olyunin (S)
Derivative of:Alexis (M) Alexis (F) Alexius (M)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP

French from the given name Alexis male or female, originally Greek meaning "helper, defender".