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Adam (S)>

Adam (surname)

Variants:Abadam (S) Acheson (S) Adamchewski (S) Adamczyk (S) Adamec (S) Adamek (S) Adami (S) Adamiak (S) Adamić (S) Adamides (S) Adamiec (S) Adamik (S) Adamini (S) Adamkiewicz (S) Adamoli (S) Adamolli (S) Adamou (S) Adamov (S) Adamović (S) Adamovich (S) Adamovicz (S) Adamovitch (S) Adamovitz (S) Adamovsky (S) Adamowicz (S) Adamowitz (S) Adams (S) Adamsen (S) Adamski (S) Adamsky (S) Adamson (S) Adamsson (S) Adanet (S) Adanez (S) Adcock (S) Adcocks (S) Addams (S) Addekin (S) Addess (S) Addey (S) Addie (S) Addis (S) Addison (S) Addy (S) Ade (S) Adenet (S) Adenot (S) Ades (S) Adeson (S) Adey (S) Adhams (S) Adie (S) Adkin (S) Adkins (S) Adné (S) Adnet (S) Adnett (S) Adnitt (S) Adnot (S) Ady (S) Adye (S) Aichison (S) Aicken (S) Aiken (S) Aikin (S) Aitchison (S) Aitken (S) Aitkin (S) Atcheson (S) Atcock (S) Atkin (S) Atkins (S) Atkinson (S) Attkins (S) Attkinson (S) Baddams (S) D'Adamo (S) D'Adda (S) Dahmke (S) Dametti (S) Dami (S) Dehm (S) Hadcock (S) Haddy (S) Hadkins (S) Keddie (S) Keddy (S) Kedie (S) Kiddie (S) Kiddy (S) Mac Adaidh (S) Mac Adaim (S) McAdam (S) McAddie (S) McAdie (S) McCaddie (S) McCadie (S)
Derivative of:Adam (M)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP

Most European communities use the surname Adam, derived from the Hebrew forename Adam, possibly meaning "earth".