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Abraham (S)>

Abraham (surname)

Variants:Abrahamer (S) Abrahami (S) Abrahamian (S) Abrahamof (S) Abrahamoff (S) Abrahamov (S) Abrahamovici (S) Abrahamovitz (S) Abrahamowicz (S) Abrahams (S) Abrahamsen (S) Abrahamsohn (S) Abrahamson (S) Abrahamsson (S) Abrahamy (S) Abrahm (S) Abrahmov (S) Abrahms (S) Abrahmson (S) Abram (S) Abramchik (S) Abramcik (S) Abrami (S) Abramin (S) Abramino (S) Abramof (S) Abramoff (S) Abramov (S) Abramovic (S) Abramovich (S) Abramovici (S) Abramovicz (S) Abramovitch (S) Abramovitz (S) Abramow (S) Abramowicz (S) Abramowitch (S) Abramowitz (S) Abramowsky (S) Abrams (S) Abramsen (S) Abramski (S) Abramsky (S) Abramson (S) Abramzon (S) Abrashkin (S) Aprahamian (S) Avraam (S) Avrahami (S) Avrahamian (S) Avrahamof (S) Avrahamoff (S) Avrahamov (S) Avrahamy (S) Avrahm (S) Avram (S) Avramchik (S) Avramian (S) Avramov (S) Avramović (S) Avramovich (S) Avramovitz (S) Avramovsky (S) Avramow (S) Avramy (S) Avrashin (S) Avrashov (S) Avrasin (S) Braams (S) Brahm (S) Brahms (S) Bramsen (S) Bramson (S) D'Ambramo (S) Ibraimov (S)
Derivative of:Abraham (M) Avraham (M)
Can be spelt:Avraham (S)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP

Jewish and most western European languages, from Hebrew personal name Avraham, "father of many nations"; OT Genesis 17:5.