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Thaddeus (M)>

Thaddeus (male)

Variants:Faddei (M) Taddeo (M) Tadeo (M) Tadeu (M) Tadeusz (M) Tadhg (M)
Pet Name(s):Tad (M) Thady (M)
Lesser Synonym(s):Theodore (M)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP

Biblical, English and Irish; NT Matthew 10:3.The origin is obscure but it is probably from Greek, meaning possibly "gift of/given by God". See Theodore which has a similar meaning.

Thaddeus is one of many Anglicized forms of the Irish Gaelic Tadhg [q.v.], from Gaelic "poet, philosopher".  Both share the pet name Tad. Thady is an Irish pet name.