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Mòr (M)>

Mòr (male)

Feminine form:Mòr (F)

Scottish and Irish Gaelic, "great".

Mòr was a very popular female forename in medieval Ireland and somewhat less so in Scotland.  It only appears in male names in an adjectival qualifier:

Mòr can be used as a qualifier with male Forenames, e.g 'Eoghan Mòr', to mean either 'Hugh the elder' or 'Hugh the large'. With the latter meaning it is akin to the Tee-names of the N E Scottish coastal areas, particularly around Portoy, Cullen and Buckie [see FAQ #12]. In this usage Mòr is, however, purely descriptive [a masculine adjective] and not a forename as such. It is therefore unlikely to occur in official documents as a given name wheras Tee-names are frequently found. The feminine form, Mhòr, may be used in the same way, e.g. 'Màiri Mhòr'.