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Jan (M)>

Jan (male)

Variants:Iwan (M) Jens (M) Johan (M) John (M) Jon (M) Jöns (M)
Pet Name(s):Jach (M) Janaček (M) Janek (M) Janik (M) Janko (M) Janne (M) Janusz (M) Joop (M) Jösse (M)
Derivative(s):Jankin (M) Jenkin (M)
Feminine form:Jan (F) Jana (F)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP
"Scottish Forenames" - Donald Whyte, FGH, FSG

A European [originally Dutch/Low German] form of John [q.v.], from Hebrew "God has been gracious", popular mainly in Holland, Flemish Begium, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Of the pet names for Jan, listed above, Henning is Danish, Joop is Dutch, Jösse is Swedish, Janek, Janik, Janko, Janusz are Polish and Janek, Janik, Janaček are Czech.