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Ewan (M)>

Ewan (male)

Variants:Eóghan (M) Eugenius (M) Owen (M)
Lesser Synonym(s):Eugene (M) Hugh (M)
Can be spelt:Euan (M) Ewen (M)
Source(s): English Parish Register
FreeCEN 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire
The Oxford Names Companion, OUP
"Scottish Forenames" - Donald Whyte, FGH, FSG
Personal communication [JE]

Scottish and, occasionally, Irish, derived, as is Hugh, from the Anglicised version of Gaelic Eóghan. Whyte gives the meaning as "youth" but, according to one correspondent [JE], it may be derived from "yew" [the yew tree, Taxus baccata]. See also Euan.

Ewan is occasionally found in the 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire where Ewen is the preferred, Scottish, spelling.

In old documents in Latin, Eugenius is used for Euan/Ewan/Ewen as well as for Eugene, with appropriate case endings.