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Lena (F)>

Lena (female)

Variants:Lene (F)
Diminutive for:Helena (F) Helene (F) Magdalena (F)
Pet Name(s):Leni (F)
Pet Name for:Eluned (F) Magdalen (F) Magdalene (F)
Derivative(s):Lenora (F)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP
"Scottish Forenames" - Donald Whyte, FGH, FSG

Private correspondent [JH2]

Diminutive for many names across Europe ending in -lena, e.g Helena, Magdalena, etc. In Scotland this includes female derivations from male names by the addition of the Scottish suffix -ina, e.g. Dolina [q.v.].

Lena is also widely used as a given name.

A private correspondent notes that in Wales Lena is a pet name for Eluned [q.v.].