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Jo (F)>

Jo (female)

Variants:Joina (F) Jos (F)
Diminutive for:Joan (F) Joanna (F) Joanne (F) Jody (F) Joes├ęphine (F) Josephine (F) Jozefien (F)
Derivative(s):Emmy-Jo (F) Jolene (F) Josepha (F)
Derivative of:Jody (F)
Masculine form:Jo (M) Joe (M)
Source(s): The Oxford Names Companion, OUP

Private correspondent [TL3]

English pet name or diminutive for a number of names. Now sometimes used as a given forename in its own right. Also Dutch.

Although Jo is more often female, it is also an occasional spelling variant of Joe, the male pet name for Joseph.

The variant Joina is Scottish, formed by the traditional addition of -ina to the male name Jo(e)-.