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Dorothea (F)>

Dorothea (female)

Variants:Dorete (F) Dorota (F) Dorothea (F) Dorothy (F) Dorottya (F) Dorte (F) Dorthe (F)
Diminutive(s):Thea (F)
Pet Name(s):Do (F) Dolly (F) Doortje (F) Dora (F) Dorrie (F) Dot (F) Dottie (F)
Lesser Synonym(s):Bogdana (F) Godiva (F)
Masculine form:Dorofei (M) Theodore (M)
Source(s): English Parish Register
FreeCEN 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire
The Oxford Names Companion, OUP
"Scottish Forenames" - Donald Whyte, FGH, FSG

English, French, German, & Dutch version of Dorothy, but now also used in English-speaking countries. From the Greek male name Dorotheus, meaning "gift of God". This is the same meaning as Theodora and Godiva which are consequently classed here as lesser synonyms.

The 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire has a few spelling variations which should all be found using Soundex searching.

Dorothea was used for Dorothy in old Latin documents, with appropriate case endings.