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Bertha (F)>

Bertha (female)

Variants:Berta (F) Berthe (F)
Pet Name(s):Bert (F) Bertie (F)
Pet Name for:Elizabeth (F)
Masculine form:Bertel (M) Bertil (M)
Source(s): FreeCEN 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire
The Oxford Names Companion, OUP
"Scottish Forenames" - Donald Whyte, FGH, FSG
Private correspondent [CG]

German and English, Latinized from Old German "bright". Used in England in Saxon times and reintroduced from Germany in the 19th century. It is also a diminutive for some German names containing the element -berht-, "famous".

Bertha occurs, rarely, in the 1841 Census of Aberdeenshire but slightly more frequently in 1881.

A correspondent notes the use of Bertha as an unusual pet name for Elizabeth.