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N.B. In summer 2010 the Scotland's People site layout was significantly modified.  These Notes have not been updated since that event and may be out-of-date, particularly regarding the sequence of screens and their layouts.

Payments for the Scotland's People website at

  • NB: These suggestions are personal, not official. Please note the caveats on the ScP initial page.

These are the pages currently available:

1. ScPOverview - Introduction and Overview
2. ScPStarting - Getting Started
3. ScPPayments - How to Pay, and what you get [this page]
4. ScPSearching - How to Optimise Searches
5. ScPImages - How to Download Images 

The initial payment for access to Scotland's People is £6, or the equivalent in another currency, using a Credit or Debit card.

Tip: If you live in Scotland, the local libraries have the following scheme:

Library Voucher Scheme

ScP have made available, through the Scottish Public Libraries, a discount system.  For this one can purchase a Start-up voucher and additional Top-up vouchers.  You will be given a pre-determined Library account identity and password.  The Start-up voucher costs £6 and gains you 60 credits.- a 50% discount on the on-line registration  The Top-up vouchers, which can only be used with a Library account, cost £4.80 and gain you 30 credits - a 20% discount on the on-line price.

Tip Some Family History Offices sell Top-up vouchers with the same 20% discount.  These vouchers, unlike the library ones, can be used on any Scotland's People account.

To summarise:

For your £6 on-line payment, or for each Top-up voucher, you get 90 days access and 30 Credits [60 credits for a Start-up voucher]. 

Use of Credits

The credits are used:

a] to download lists of Search Hits which cost 1 credit per page of up to 25 hits [see ScPSearching], or

b] to download Images of OPR pages or Statutory Certificates which cost 5 credits per page [see ScPImages].

When your credits run out, or the 90 days access expires, you have to buy more credits.  Any credits remaining at the end of 90 days are not lost - they are carried forward. Every new payment restarts the 90 days access.

Tip: While it is possible to pay more than £6 [and get more credits, pro rata], it is not really worth doing so [unless you incur a charge for processing each payment] as each payment only buys you 90 days access.

Other purchases from Scotland's People

Paper copies of ScP Images can be purchased for £10. You cannot use Credits to pay for these.

To download a Will or Testament costs £5 while a Coat of Arms download costs £10, these amounts to be paid at the time of ordering. You cannot use Credits to pay for these.
NB: We can't at present offer advice regarding payments for Wills & Testaments or Coats of Arms as we have not used these facilities on this site.